Bernabé Salvador

  • “Bernabé changes key and alternates instruments in pieces where the sound has not been specified. This is one of the greatest freedoms of the musician and one which shines through only after considerable study of the technical processes, where academic discipline and personal intuition go hand in hand”Marco Antonio Molín Ruiz (Huelva Información)


Music stirs my passion and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to work in the music industry as a composer. Last year I was extremely lucky to be accepted on the Professional Music Diploma program at Berklee College of Music although because of the logistics involved in moving to Boston, unfortunately I had to turn down the offer.

My background in music is varied. Not only did I play violin in the orchestra of my city’s college of music but I also studied piano professionally. Since finishing my piano studies, in 2012, I have focused my efforts on developing the necessary skills to be able to compose film scores. I undertook a 3-year course by Skype with Leon Willett, a highly respected composer well-known for “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey” (video game) and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5” (trailer). I worked on a wide range of subjects such as harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, film score styles, Kontakt, orchestral mock-ups and orchestral templates. Online classes with Pablo Fernández-Cid, a doctor in telecommunications, have also given me a deeper understanding of synthesis.

I also had the privilege of working as the assistant and producer of a custom sample library for Leon Willett. Working on this personal project I learnt how to use UVI Engine (MachFive 3 and Falcon) and deepened my understanding of sampling. In addition I wrote and produced the score for a documentary and an advert for VTH Producciones, an important company in my area. I also orchestrated pieces for Angel Samos Luna, an influential media composer from Atresmedia. Work consisted of general arrangement and MIDI mock-ups.

Apart from the aforementioned work experience and formal education, I have gained good organizational skills from my experience as an online tutor and music teacher.